FG Funnels Updates – August 9, 2023

August 9, 2023
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Here are our release notes for FG Funnels from August 2nd, 2023 through August 9 th, 2023. If you have any questions about these updates, or other questions about FG Funnels, please reach out to support@fgfunnels.com or live chat in the app and our team will be happy to help.

Reputation Management

Yext Updates

  • Yext Availability in Canada: Yext Listings is now available for all our customers in Canada. We support over 55+ Listings as part of expansion to Canada.
  • Popular Listings supported in Canada:
    • Amazon Alexa
    • Apple
    • Bing
    • DoorDash
    • Uber Eats
    • Yelp
    • Facebook
    • FourSquare
    • Google Business Profile
    • NextDoor
    • OpenTable
    • SnapChat
    • TripAdvisor
    • TrustPilot
  • Upcoming releases:
    • Yext in Australia

Fresh Look: Reputation Management UI Enhancements

What’s New?

  • Redesigned Reviews Page: We’ve given the Reviews page a fresh, intuitive new look to manage and respond to reviews more efficiently.

Improved Requests Page: The Requests page has also undergone a facelift, making it easier than ever to handle reputation management requests.

Funnels & Websites

Increased the product purchase limit in Order form

  • What’s New?
    • With this update, the product purchase limit is increased from maximum 10 to 999.
    • Business owners can now set the limit to 999 maximum in funnel products which will be reflected in the order forms.
    • Old Behaviour
      • Previously, It was only 10 quantity for each product. So Users can only purchase product with quantity 10 maximum.
    • New Behavior
      • Now, We have updated the product limit to 999 and also Changed the user interface for updating the quantity of product in order forms.
    • How It Works
      • Go to Funnel products -> click edit on any product -> In Additional options change the limit and save
      • Once you save the funnel, go to your order form page and you can see the order form with new quantity dropdown.
    • Pain Point Solved
      • In one single purchase users can buy 999 quantities of a product.


  • We have removed the legal terms being displayed automatically by Stripe on which the businesses were not having any control
  • This applies to payments on order forms, invoices, and Text2Pay links

Speed Improvements

  • What’s Changed?
    • We elimanated a few render-blocking css
      • The CSS of a few elements that were blocking rendering on page load have now been eliminated, improving overall FCP score and web paint
    • Preloading icon links
      • Preloading a few icon CDN links before first paint of page. This speeds up CSS filesdownload for icons used in funnels or websites.
    • Eager loading images above the fold
      • Images above the fold i.e viewport on page load will now be eager loaded with lazy=”eager” to improve FCP and LCP
    • Render popup elements only when the popup is opened
      • The elements inside popup will render only once the popup is opened, this prevents unnecessary elements getting rendered on page load, improves performance when heavy elements like forms and order forms are placed inside popups.
    • Reduced initial payload size
    • Initial payload request size has been reduced significantly, improving faster FCP
    • What’s Improved?
      • Significant improvement in pagespeed scores (refer images)
      • Faster initial web paint
        • Page is painted much faster than before, improving FCP and perceived page speed (refer images)
      • Due to payload size reduction, pagespeed tests running on mobile with slow connection can download data faster for better FCP
        • Huge improvement in desktop and mobile speed tests

 Email Builder Updates

Text Editor Color Picker

  • Improvements
    • Added swatches for Text Editor Color Picker
    • i18n new labels are added

CRM Contacts Updates

Addition of new filters to Smartlists

  • What’s New?
    • These new filters offer enhanced control and flexibility when listing contacts, enabling users to fine-tune their searches and find the exact contacts they need. Here’s a description of the filters based on the newly added fields:
  • Created By Filter: This filter allows users to search for contacts based on the user responsible for creating a particular contact record. It helps in identifying contacts associated with specific user.
  • Last Updated By Filter: With this filter, users can find contacts based on the user that made the most recent updates to a contact record. It’s useful for tracking changes  contact updates over time.
  • Inbound DND Settings Filter: Users can now filter contacts based on their “DND” status for inbound communications.
  • DND Settings Filter: This filter allows users to search for contacts with channel-wise “DND” preferences for outbound communications.
  • Website Filter: Users can filter contacts based on the website associated with them.
  • Instagram ID Filter: This filter enables users to filter contacts having Instagram ID field..
  • Facebook ID Filter: With this filter, users can search for contacts having Facebook ID field.
  • Country Filter: Users can now filter contacts based on country.
  • Timezone Filter: This filter allows users to find contacts based on timezone field value. It’s valuable for scheduling communication based on the contact’s timezone.
  • Google ID Filter: With this filter, users can search for contacts having Google ID field.
  • Additional Email Filter:  Now existing email filter will search contacts based on primary email as well as additional emails.
  • Last Activity Time: Users can now search contacts based on last activity time.
  • Valid Email: This filter allows users to search contacts based email validation status.
  • Source Type: Users can now filter contacts based on their “Source Type” field value.
  • Enhancements
    • Along with these new filters we have added additional phones, additional emails, timezone, country & website columns to smartlist table and contacts export.

New opportunity modal

We are excited to introduce the latest enhancements, which include the addition of a new opportunity modal to both the contact smart list and contact details page. Now, whenever someone attempts to create an opportunity from either the contact detail or smart list page, all the relevant information for that contact will be automatically pre-filled.

Payments and Invoices 

Void Sent/Overdue/Paid Invoices || Refunds for manual payments 

Businesses will now be able to void a sent/overdue/paid invoice

  • This solves a major pain point when a client cancels in between a scheduled recurring template and there are some pending invoices that were never paid. Voiding an invoice eliminates the friction with such invoices which are no longer collectible and disturb the overall payments statistics
  • If the invoice was paid (card payments or recorded manually), the associated transaction needs to be fully refunded first to void the paid invoice
  • Businesses also have the option now to fully/partially refund manual payments recorded on invoices
  • Voided invoices will not be visible in the list view by default, but can be specifically filtered using the Void filter
  • If an invoice is voided, it will not affect the invoice statistics displayed on the Invoices list page
  • Audit logs will be maintained for all the void, delete and refund actions performed


Add guests

  • With this enhancement users would have the new option in Add Guest, where in they can now select if they want their attendees to Add Guests by providing their Name and Emails or can simply select a count.
  • Count option for Adding Guests: This helps particularly in the use case where in the Primary attendee may not have the Email address of the guest, but still want them added to the appointment.
  • Custom Form in the email to Guests: In many cases the attendees are required to fill in the information before the appointment, so that the service providers can use that information for the appointment. Examples:
    • Tour services: May require passport number, passport expiry and other financial details.
    • Medical appointment: it could be allergies, any genetic ailment, past medical issues etc.
    • Please note: The custom form feature only works when the Primary attendee has added Name and Email of the Guests, it would not work for the Count option. Users can decide between in the Name and Email or Count from the Calendars settings based on their own use case.

Form And Survey Builder

Background and Header Image rendering within New Form and Survey Builder

  • What’s new with this update?
    • The “header” and “background image”  rendering features in a builder play crucial roles in shaping the visual appearance and branding of a Form and Survey builder.
    • When Customer upload header and background image it will be rendered in Form /Survey Builder.
    • It will be building block for our most awaited feature “Themes”
  • How it Help Our Customers
    • Background Image and Header image rendering within builder enhances the visual appeal of the builder and allows users to customize the look and feel of their forms and survey easily.
    • Overall , This feature in a builder allows users to easily enhance the design and aesthetics of their forms, providing a visually captivating experience to customers and reinforcing the beauty of form and survey in the builder itself without going to preview.
    • No juggling between builder and preview
    • Get visual Appeal right away hence helping in visualizing the form and Survey
    • How can I use it ?
      • Go to Location Settings and then go to Labs
      • You should be able to see “UI Revamp of Form Builder”.
      • Turn on the Toggle switch for the form builder.
      • Go to your form builder and you will be able to use the new builder.
      • Add Header and Background image

Communities Beta Updates

  • What’s New:
    • Active/Inactive Groups (Soft Delete and Restore)
      • You can now delete and restore groups easily, giving you better control over group management.
    • Search Members in View Members Page
      • Easily find members on the View Members page.
      • Open Profile from View Members Page
        • Access a member’s profile directly from the View Members page.
      • Phone Number and Email visibility toggle under Social Media
        • You can now control the visibility of phone numbers and email addresses under the Social Media section.
      • Filter User based on user status and roles
      • Security Enhancements:
        • Hide emails from view members pages.
        • Emails are now hidden for better user privacy.
    • Bug Fixes:
      • `Fixed issue of group creation failures when owner’s contact already exists in a smart list.
        • Now, groups can be created without any problem if the owner’s contact is already in a smart list.
      • Resolved the issue of both Membership and Site getting selected on the Builder.
        • The problem of accidentally selecting both Membership and Site on the Builder has been fixed.
      • Fixed owner login issue on communities due to uppercase in emails.
        • Owners can now successfully log in to communities, even if their email addresses have uppercase letters
    • What’s Coming Next:
      • Private Groups +  Approval Notification Email with Magic Links for Auto Login
        • Membership request will require approval by admins and owners for access to private communities.
      • Communities Magic Links
        • Soon, admins and owners can use magic links for auto-login into Communities.
      • Group Creation Email to Owner with Auto Login using Magic from email
      • Owners will receive an automatic email with magic links upon group creation for direct login.

Workflow Opportunity Updates

Action Updates

Opportunity Custom fields now available in Create/Update Opportunity action

Trigger Updates

  • Assigned to and Lead value filters are added to Opportunity Status Changed trigger
  • Status, Assigned to and Lead value filters are added to Pipeline Stage Changed and Stale Opportunity triggers

If/Else and Custom Variables

Opportunity Name, Opportunity Status and Opportunity custom fields are now available in Custom variables and If/Else condition

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