FG Funnels Release Notes – October 27th, 2022

October 27, 2022
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Today’s release notes are a whopper! So many awesome things to share with you. We didn’t have any release notes last week at our usual time of posting, but you may have noticed some new/updated features popping up like Easter eggs! There is so much to talk about that we have created a video overview below in addition to our usual written update.

Our live chat and email support (support@fgfunnels.com) teams are also available and happy to answer any questions. If you haven’t reached out to live chat support before, you can find it by clicking the question mark icon in the upper-right corner to access the help area. Then in the help area click the message icon in the lower-right corner.


  • Folders are now available for organizing custom fields (Settings > Custom Fields)
    • This can be turned on in Settings > Labs to use right away, pushes live to all accounts in 4 days
  • New notification manager & panel (Settings > Profile > Notifications)
    • This can also be turned on in Settings > Labs to use right away, pushes live to all accounts in 4 days
  • Company object – You can use the company object to group contacts
  • New Conversation menu filters
  • TikTok integration !!
  • Now you can change what notifications you get on either desktop or app
  • Brand new task page to see tasks over all users in your location
  • Schedule individual emails and texts

CRM Features Coming 2023

  • Two way email sync with Gmail and Outlook
  • Ability to create companies and associate contacts based on business name
  • Can add multiple phone numbers or emails per contact
  • CC & BCC for emails
  • Tags folder
  • Custom Values folder
  • Task category feature
  • Additional filters in contact smartlists
  • Linkedin integration
  • Apple business chat
  • Audit logs enhancements


  • Calendar settings consolidation – improved UI and preparation for expanded calendar options
  • This can be turned on in Settings > Labs to use right away, pushes live to all accounts in 23 days
  • Getting rid of Teams and instead using Groups. You can quickly create a group with just a Name, Description, and URL. 
  • Adding Users to Teams is not needed anymore to setup a calendar
  • Users can be directly added to the calendar

Calendar Features Coming 2023

  • Recurring appointments
  • You will be able to add guests to bookings
  • Ability to schedule multiple people on one appointment


  • New: Video watched trigger for hosted funnel videos **VERY exciting!!
  • Trigger automations when a registered contact watches a video or certain percentage of a video hosted in a funnel page.
  • Post and Get methods to improve Webhook Actions with additional headers and query parameters
  • Workflow permissions for users
  • You can have multiple If/Else branches
  • You can also gate the webinar

Workflows Features Coming 2023

  • Membership Triggers coming – Product started, category started, lesson started, lesson completed
  • Goal Action Triggers coming – Booked appointment, contact replied, percentage of video watched
  • New workflow actions – inbound webhooks, Google Sheet, Slack, and API (outbound data)
  • More coming soon – Think Zaiper replacement *hint hint*


  • New: ability to offer a custom white label learner app to your students/customers
  • Assessments and Quizzes for within courses
    • Can set whether or not students must pass to continue with further lessons
  • In-App Upsells and one click upsells inside the courses
  • Community comments

Memberships Features Coming 2023

  • Certifications
  • Subscription management
  • Members, Course, and Subscription analytics
  • Announcements
  • Offline Assignments

Mobile App Updates

  • Dark Mode Available
  • Invoicing inside App
  • Quick Actions – Send email, add contact, book appointment, new opportunity, and invoicing 
  • Inbound Calling inside the app
  • Block out calendars inside the app

Mobile App Features Coming 2023

  • Recurring invoices
  • Notification preferences
  • Social Sign-ins
  • Task Manager available in app

Blogging Features Coming 2023

  • Category Pages
  • RSS Emails
  • Share on Social Planner
  • Custom Code – CSS & HTML
  • Blog Widget for chat
  • Social Share 
  • Comments Integrations

Conversations Updates

  • New left menu user interface (UI)
  • Introduction of ability to star/unstar messages
  • Ability to perform bulk actions on messages (delete, starred, unstarred, mark as read, mark as unread)
  • Ability to filter conversations by last message channel, who contact/conversation is assigned to, etc
  • This can be turned on in Settings > Labs to use right away, pushes live to all accounts in 4 days

Conversations Features Coming 2023

  • What’sApp integration
  • Custom Domains for those using ** FGF Mail!
  • A/B Testing
  • Multiple Smartlist and Tags
  • ROI Calculator
  • Improved Email reporting, inline email text editor
  • Import from other platforms
  • Image carousel & Countdown timer
  • Attribution of UTMs

Social Planner

  • New TikTok integration to collect leads, integrate with ads, and integrate with instant page fields
    • This can be turned on in Settings > Labs to use right away, pushes live to all accounts in 4 days
  • Can now upload posts to schedule in bulk via CSV

Social Planner Features Coming 2023

  • TikTok posting
  • Instagram Story and Reel posting
  • Snapshot Social Planner
  • Approval Flow, customer variables, internal notes
  • Recycle and repost socials
  • Auto Scheduler
  • Grouping hashtag
  • Image and Video editor


  • Subscriptions tab live – ability to view active subscriptions tied to orders in your account
  • Coupons are live!!!

Payment Features Coming 2023

  • Order triggers for sales on workflows – Order forms, calendars, invoicing, memberships
  • Alternate payment methods using Stripe – Apple Pay, Google Pay, ACH Direct Debit, and Bank Redirects
  • Invoicing enhancements – custom templates, custom notifications, CC/BCC team members, partial payments
  • Subscription management and client portal
  • Proposals, contracts and E-Sign!!! ***Very exciting!!!


  • New tasks page (Contacts > Tasks)
  • New Company object (Contacts > Tasks) to associate multiple contacts together
    • This can be turned on in Settings > Labs to use right away, pushes live to all accounts in 4 days

Affiliate Manager

  • Create campaigns with different affiliate audience and commissions
  • Choose only those products that you want to split the commission on
  • Add and import affiliates from other platforms
  • View leads, customers, and churns across all affiliates
  • Review and approve affiliate for their payouts
  • Deny payments to affiliates
  • Export commissions and make payment through preferred payment gateway

Affiliate Manager Features Coming 2023

  • Integration with CRM and workflows – pull affiliates from a workflow on contracts to the affiliate manager
  • Affiliate portal for affiliates to track commissions, customers, and leads
  • Create campaigns with custom commission option


  • New: Hosted videos in funnel pages!
  • Upload your video directly in the funnel page builder using the Video Element (selected Hosted Video) to be able to upload videos up to 4GB.
  • Cart mode in order forms (Multiple product selection)
  • Multiple Quantities with quantity limiter in order forms 
  • Average Cart Value and Quantities in funnel stats
  • Video progress tracking with triggers in workflows
  • Coupons in order form

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