Weekly Adventures in Marketland [10/27]

October 26, 2021
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What We’ve Been Talking About…

  • We learned a hella important lesson about building your foundation before you need it. Hopefully you can learn from it too!
  • Did you see Julie’s recent blog post about building a marketing plan without Facebook Ads? It’s like a marketing degree in a post.
  • We’re kicking off a FREE migration series called Move to Gorgeous. It’s going to include some epic free stuff too.
  • One of those free things is a welcome sequence template that we’ve tested with several markets – and people are getting it done in 30 minutes! Five emails in 30 minutes! Make sure you register for Move To Gorgeous. It’s all going to be free.
  • 10 Must Haves On Your Next Landing Page – it’s one of our latest YouTube videos!

FG Funnels…

  • Ooh baby, what a week. Big changes happened. Things went a little wonky. Make sure you attend office hours if you have questions, or use the live chat inside the app. Click on help, and then click on the live chat bubble. We’re about to upgrade to 24/7 live chat support?! Yep.
  • Secret? All our office hours are posted in the cover photo description of our users Facebook group.
  • Funnel Flow is our newest design, totally free, and insanely beautiful. Click REQUEST COLLECTIONS on your sidebar to get it! Watch how easy it is to change colors! Look at this homepage!
  • Due to the janky ness of this week, and in preparation for Move to Gorgeous, we’ve temporarily locked new signups. That should be coming back online in a day or two, so don’t despair if you’re trying to sign up for an account and can’t!
  • Last week’s design date – we showed people how to add CSS to their calendar pages. Design Date happens every Thursday.

FG Society…

  • A new record! Someone got certified in TWO WEEKS. Yep, she did all three phases in 14 days! If you need a marketer for a job, you can post it directly at Hire A Marketer and get email responses back.
  • Cathy and Julie occasionally stalk some of the certified profiles and portfolios, and this week – we’re spotlighting Welmoed Van Maanen-Verhagen. She’s an excellent certified marketer, helpful in the community, and knows her tech!

Marketer’s Heart Event…

  • Did you catch the first keynote talk Julie announced for Marketer’s Heart?
  • Spotlighting on our speakers this week – Laura Smith. You guys don’t even know how much she blew Julie + Cathy away the first time they heard her speak. She runs a yearly summit that pulls in INSANE amounts of money for a niche that isn’t marketing or business! We are asking her to pull back the curtain on her summit process, and how she built this to a yearly event that earns her multiple six figures per year. Get your ticket soon!

Launch Gorgeous Elite…

  • We’re in Phase 4 this week of LGE. If you’re a student in the program, you should be working on your automations! Julie + Cathy did a Q&A yesterday you can catch up on.
  • If you’ve never done a Launch Gorgeous round with us, make sure to get on the waitlist for the next one!


  • For those of you affiliating for FG Funnels, we’re hoping to have a way for you to track leads through the Move to Gorgeous promotion. Whisperings of some sort of lead contest as well. Stay tuned! (no promises, but it was the focus of discussion in yesterday’s team meeting).

Have a great week!

xx Julie + Cathy

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