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February 19, 2020
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Let’s address the elephant in the room. You may not have launched yet because:

  • You have an idea that never turned into anything…
  • You could have an idea that is a full offer that never made it into a funnel…
  • Or, it could be you had an offer and a funnel, but it’s still sitting in your corner of the internet, with no customers and collecting dust.

And for those of you who have tried launching in the past, only to get disappointing numbers, it feels even more hopeless. Failure hangs over your head every time you contemplate trying again.

But we know with about 80% accuracy, exactly what you are doing wrong and why it didn’t go well.

Do we possess some magical super power?

No. The fact of the matter is, the game of online marketing isn’t shrouded in secrecy. We don’t have some magic pill or bullet that others don’t.
We just have YEARS of experience with hundreds of customers to spot the most common patterns that accompany failed launches (or none at all). 

Here’s why most launches fail

  • People think they are simply selling “information” and so they design everything with that faulty foundation in mind
  • People have mismanaged expectations about what it really takes to hit those critical numbers (5-figure launch, 6-figure launch, 7-figure launch).
  • People pick the wrong funnel type and launch style for the goals they are trying to reach in their business (and many don’t realize there are different styles for different objectives!).
  • People don’t even launch at all because they want an “evergreen” funnel and wrongly assume it doesn’t need a launch if you’re going to use ads.
  • People spend all kinds of time and money on all the wrong stuff. Like to the tune of multiple thousands of dollars.
  • People try to build their launch by simply mimicking someone else’s, without understanding the strategy going on behind the scenes.
  • People don’t understand what to give away for free, vs. what to sell inside their program, so they starve their followers thinking it’ll produce sales and it doesn’t.
  • People get the curse of genius. They think and obsess too much about what their program is going to do vs. getting in the mind of the customer.

We have a 6 Step Launching Process that we coach all of our Launch Gorgeous students through, and we are going to share this formula with you now:

Step One: Plant Your Flag

Launch with uber confidence when you do one of two things in this phase:

  1. Construct an irresistible offer from scratch
  2. Improve an existing offer so compelling prospects can’t say no 

A great offer is the difference between your head hitting the pillow the night before cart opens, dreaming of a flurry of payment notifications and laying awake incessantly worrying “is my offer good enough?”. (Trust us, you don’t want that.)

By the end of this step, you’ll have your offer, your unique selling proposition, and launch style dialed in.

Step Two: Publish, Publish, Publish

Repeat after us…
“Never build your offer in a vacuum” —This is why 9 out of 10 launches fail.
Build a warm (hungry) audience a.k.a an email list of primed prospects who are engaged, excited, and can’t wait to devour your paid offers…instead of you launching to crickets or waking up to Zero payment notifications.

Do this right and you can look forward to celebratory champagne clinks instead of drinking to calm the PTSDs.

By the end of this step, you’ll be actively growing an audience so you can get in front of your ideal customers.

Step Three: Make it Gorgeous

Naming, branding, writing…
Presentation matters. Start to build out the WOW… Craft your viral product name, write your compelling conversion-based copy, design the bundle of offer assets, and finally build out the cash-generating funnel.

By the end of this step, your entire offer will be outfitted with amazing branding + copy in impeccable detail.

Step Four: Your Launch Story

Start spreading the news. You’ll build viral-worthy online buzz well in advance of your actual product launch. Use anticipation and pressure building strategies so you know exactly what to say (in your sales and marketing copy) and make your launch announcement with a bang
The good news? You won’t need boatloads of cash, an Eiffel tower photoshoot, or the personality of a slick-oiled used car salesman to “pressure” your leads to buy.

Warning: If you do this right, this step will cause mass hysteria breakouts (read: a frenzy of signups on your waitlist page followed by conversions on your sales page)

By the end of this step, you will be engaging with your audience, building pressure, and getting people excited to buy. Most importantly, you’ll have your launch story – one of the most overlooked parts of launching.

Step Five: The Pre-Launch

Build a rock solid plan to deliver “the goods” in a timely (and non-overwhelming) manner. 

Here’s the thing with failed launches: They’re either content heavy and marketing sparse or vice versa. For a successful launch, you’ll need the perfect balance of both.

In this step, you’ll map out exactly when and how to release each product with clockwork precision (and without losing your mind).

By the end of this step, you’ll be prepared to handle all the details of your launch week—and finish building the pieces you need to get your offer out the door!

Step Six: Blastoff!

Buckle your seatbelt…you’ve got all the pieces of your launch together and it’s time for blastoff! You will map out exactly what will happen during launch week—all the way down to frenzy-generating social media posts, high-converting emails, and memorable stories that hook the readers, pull at their heartstrings, and ethically charm them to open their wallets!

By the end of this step, you’ll have CUSTOMERS! Your launch will be blasted off and money will be coming in.

We know this works, because we’ve done it over and over—with repeatable success for ourselves and our customers.

The bottom line is, if we can take people with zero experience in launching, and have them completing a launch – full copy, design, ads, list building, publishing, and more… we can help you too.

Launch Gorgeous is a done-together launch school and opens up every few months. Get on the waitlist for the next enrollment opening.

Until then, Happy Launching!

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