Introducing A New Metric You Must Track!

January 26, 2022
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Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to predict the revenue for your next launch?

This ability has such incredible value to you as the business owner because it helps you do three things:

  1. Helps you set expectations (which is hella important)
  2. Allows you to change your strategy BEFORE a launch to tweak the numbers
  3. Allows you to change your strategy IN your launch to tweak the numbers

It all boils down to one key metric – and no, it’s not conversion rate. Believe it or not, conversion rate is a remarkably steady metric. No, this metric has no “standard” – it’s completely custom to you, your business, and your marketing strategy.

The metric is called –> Push Power ™.

Push Power is defined as the force with which you can command a digital room. In other words, when you are dialed in with your marketing promotions, how much of your audience can you get out of their seats and walking over to your offer in a certain amount of time?

The average launch is 7 days, right? Give or take. So we like to measure push power in momentum or force within that 7 day time period. How many people can you get out of their seats and head to your offer (be it a webinar, sales page, order form, etc.)?

We used to call this by a much wordier name –> “humans to see the offer”. But shortening it to push power helps to really put the ownership on you and your momentum with getting a crowd to pay attention.

So let’s take an example of the push power of Funnel Gorgeous. We know our push power score is 4000. That means we can get 4000 of our followers // subscribers to attend or visit our sales offer in a 7-day launch.

Knowing this information, we can easily set three goals for every launch, using standard conversion rates for the industry.

  • 4000 x 3% = 120
  • 4000 x 5% = 200
  • 4000 x 7% = 280

Now this gives us a range of potential launch outcomes. And if we’re not happy with those numbers, we know that outside of a conversion change, we would need to increase our push power score to have a different outcome.

Most people wildly overestimate their push power. They think “Oh I have a 5000 person email list and 10k followers on Instagram, so my push power will be 15,000”. Then they feel totally dejected when their launch doesn’t go well. Even when we say “Oh look! A 5% conversion!” it’s still a failure because they expected a bigger outcome because of their overestimated push power score.

This metric acts like the anchor to all your other KPI’s.

So how do you determine push power? It’s definitely a nuanced metric, and it helps to use back data to help you. And if you’ve never launched before, there is a way you can create an estimate of push power, and it helps when you can leverage someone with experience in lots of launches to help calibrate it.

At the very least, look at your last launches and write down how many people got to the offer in seven days. Then take the average and that’s a starting score for you.

Obviously, there are a lot of factors to determine an accurate push power score including:

  • Followers on social media
  • Engagement on those platforms
  • List size
  • Deliverability & open rates on emails
  • Strong marketing arguments
  • Strong call to actions
  • Paid advertising
  • Affiliate power

Once you get good at determining your push power, planning the goals for every subsequent launch becomes SO MUCH EASIER.

It also helps you in the middle of your launch too. Take your push power score and divide it by 7 (or the length of your launch). Now you know how many people you need on the page each day. And on day 2 or 3, if you are way behind, what can you tweak in your marketing to try to get more people activated?

If this resonates with you — if you want to get better at determining your push power score, and how to think about marketing to increase your momentum and activation of your audience, then book your seat for Marketer’s Heart (February 23rd-25th). This entire event is designed around learning the tools and techniques to increase push power. We’re less than one month away from the most elaborate event we’ve ever attempted – complete with the best training and education we can bring.

See you there!

xx Julie + Cathy

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