How to Get More Eyes on Your Sales Funnel

September 28, 2020
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If you really just want more eyeballs on your content so you can to pull more traffic from the areas you already use—like Facebook and other social media—and get that traffic to your sales funnel, our most recent YouTube video is for you!

Something we see ALL the time when people are building their sales funnels is that they subscribe to this ideology of “if I build it, they will come”. In other words, “if I throw my link out on social media or throw down $20 for an ad I’m just going to get hordes and hordes of people into my funnel”.

…But it’s just not true.

Truth Bomb: People are never paying as close attention to you as YOU are paying to you

Even if YOU think something is the biggest deal in the world, the rest of the world is distracted by everyone else’s noisy social media and ads. This means that you have to be extraordinarily loud to get people to pay attention.

So here are a few tips on how to lead more people into your sales funnel.

Tip #1: Make sure the link to your funnel is EVERYWHERE

And we mean EVERYWHERE. Some places your funnel’s link should live include:

  • Your Instagram profile
  • Your Facebook profile
  • Off of your website menu bar
  • The bottom of your emails in your signature

And even UNLIKELY spots like:

  • Your e-book, if you can
  • At the end of your podcast as a call-to-action (CTA)
  • Literally ANYWHERE ELSE you have leads’ eyes and ears

Every single thing you do should have a link to your sales funnel. The sheer volume of those links alone will naturally attract more people…but only if it’s really everywhere! Plus, the more cold audiences see you and hear about your funnel, the more quickly they’ll recognize you and/or think to themselves “hey maybe I should check this out”.

Tip #2: Every link needs a curious CTA

It’s not enough JUST to have a link out there, you also need to make sure that there is some sort of phrase, sentence, or CTA that really intrigues people enough to click on your link.

For example, if I said “If you want to know how I scaled my business to multi-seven-figures in UNDER THREE YEARS, click the link below to download the free report!”

Now all of a sudden, it’s not just “Free Report. Link here.” it’s a very strong story. You always want to make sure that wherever your link is, that there’s a story.

This is EXTREMELY important for your conversions because the more leads are intrigued and excited by your call to action, the more likely they’ll say “Yes!” when they get to your offer.

Tip #3: Constantly test micro-angles

Micro-angles is a concept we teach about in our best-selling course Ad Gorgeous. We show you how you can develop a “never-ending creativity muscle” of your own so that you can ALWAYS come up with new angles and ideas for ways to talk about your funnel. Because…

One of the biggest problems with social media and with ads is that it kind of gets repetitive and boring—it’s kind of like ad blindness. After a while, people see the SAME ad with the SAME copy and the SAME call to action…and they stop caring. They just tune you out.

But when you get really, really good at micro-angles, you ALWAYS can come up with a new way to say something.

Let’s look a real-life example. Raymour & Flanigan is a furniture store that constantly runs sales. Sometimes it’s a Valentine’s Day sale, or a Veteran’s Day sale…whatever it is, it’s always a DIFFERENT holiday. They may not be very creative otherwise, but they use holidays as their micro-angle.

So if you’re selling a product—let’s say you’re teaching people how to grow red juicy tomatoes and you’re a gardener—you’re going to have to come up with lots of different angles. Maybe in the summer, it’s all about canning tomatoes. Maybe in the winter, since tomatoes aren’t in season, you go a different route. To take a page out of Raymour & Flanigan’s book, you could focus your advertisements around the color red during Valentine’s Day, for example.

There are UNLIMITED options once you open your mind to any and every micro-angle that works for your offer.

Tip #4: Go where the crowd already is

Many entrepreneurs, when they first get started, get lost trying to get people to come to them. But the secret is to go where the people already are.

We know the crowd is on Facebook and other social media. But there are also TONS of influencers all over the internet that already have a crowd of your ideal customer. Here’s a tip: Come up with a list of 10, 20, even 100 influencers and business owners that serve your customer base. Then, develop key, strategic relationships with them. Because over time as you get to know them, there may be opportunities for you to share your sales funnel and/or free content with their audience.

And that does more for exploding your business than nearly anything else.

There are so many ways you can attract ideal customers, but remember that it’s a process that you have to actively participate in! No more sitting around, thinking that your work is done just because you’ve launched. Yes, you have the potential to turn your offer into passive income—and that’s a HUGE goal for a lot of people—but you have to put in the work first. To get your brand in people’s heads. To INTRIGUE them enough to click for more. To ALWAYS get people’s attention by sharing information with them in new and creative ways. To get people to trust you and your offer by leading with value. And you can do so with these four tips!

If you’d like to learn more about how to use funnels for your business, check out our Funnel Building for Beginners guide.

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