FG Funnels Updates – March 15th, 2023

March 15, 2023
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We’re halfway through March and back with some updates! Here’s what’s new in FG Funnels from the week of March 9th – 15th, 2023.

If you have any questions about these updates, other software features, or need help with troubleshooting something in your account, reach out to our support team through live chat within your FG Funnels account, or send us an email to support@fgfunnels.com.


Authorize.net integration for processing payments is now live!

  • Authorize.net integration is now live under Payments -> Integrations. Connect using your Login Id, Transaction key, and Signature key from the merchant portal
  • Supports processing 1-step, and 2-step order form purchases along with one-click upsells, invoices and recurring templates along with auto-payments, Text2Pay links, and calendar appointment booking payments
  • No new products are required to be created for using Authorize.net, it will work with existing products in place
  • Set the default gateway in case both Stripe and Authorize.net are connected
  • Supports one-time and recurring payments along with auto-payments in recurring templates
  • Track all transactions and subscriptions using the Transactions and Subscriptions page under the Payments menu
  • Ability to cancel a subscription/recurring template created at any time using the Cancel action
  • Specify the default gateway for order forms and invoices in case both Stripe and Authorize.net are connected
  • Other payments from memberships will continue to process via Stripe for now


Gmail 2-Way Email Sync

  • We have rolled out the Gmail 2-way email sync feature for all upon receiving approval from Google.
  • What’s New;
    • Users can connect their personal or workspace Gmail accounts and sync outgoing & incoming emails between the CRM and Gmail accounts.
    • Users can use their personal or workspace email accounts to send, receive & track emails.
    • The sync will be established between both platforms when an email thread is initiated from the CRM (first outbound message). All the subsequent emails in the thread will be in sync between both platforms.
    • This feature is a user-level setting and does not impact other users in the sub-account.
  • How the sender domain mapping works for the different types of emails;
    • Individual Email: On connecting a personal email account (Gmail), the Gmail email ID will be considered as the sender domain for the emails sent by the user for individual emails.
    • Bulk Email: If the user enters their personal email ID (post connection) under the “From Field”, the user email ID will be considered as the sender domain for the bulk emails. If the field is kept blank, it will consider the sub-account level provider as the sender domain.
    • Bulk Email: If the user enters an email ID different from their personal email ID connected (Gmail), it will consider the account level provider as the sender domain.
    • Workflow & Automation: Emails will continue to go from account level providers.



  • Blogs RSS – Now choose which blog page is pulled for the RSS feed items. The domains listed are of the funnels/websites which have the Blog Element in them.
    • Why did we make this change?
      • Now that we have categories and the ability to limit categories that display on certain pages, if Funnel A has category 1 and category 2 and Funnel B has category 3, with choosing the domain for RSS, the feed will generate according to the categories displayed on the page selected for RSS.
  • Blog Editor – Ability to drag to resize images in the blog editor.
    • Why did we do this?
      • It is hard for users to know the exact width and height to add, thus we gave a simple resize option like in a Google Doc


We have rolled out the “Attachment not found” tag component for all messages (inbound & outbound).

  • What’s new
    • On loading messages in our conversation panel if attachments are present, we will check if those attachments are accessible or not.
    • If the attachments are accessible then we show the attachment preview/download button. This is present today.
    • If the attachment is not accessible then we show them a tag called – Attachment not found
  • Impact
    • This will help our customers identify quickly which message has an attachment & prevent from them clicking on an attachment to find out the attachment doesn’t exist or is not accessible.
    • This feature is also introduced because we have deleted lots of malicious attachments in our system. And this release will help us prevent these in the future.
    • We found that there are HTML and PHP attachments that were being used for phishing purposes. This was a huge concern because it could get our entire storage bucket blacklisted.


Custom Slot Duration for Calendars

  • With this release, you’ll have the ability create calendars and appointments with slot duration up to 12 hours, which was earlier limited to only 8 hours.
  • Some of the common use cases where this would be helpful (but not limited to)
    • Workshops/Webinar/Class which can be of more than 8 hours
    • Charter services
    • Live events (most common 1 day in person events)
  • Calendar Types supported
    • Round Robin
    • Unassigned Events

Coming Soon To Social Planner

Content AI – Sneak Peek

  • We have created an AI Assistant named Content AI which helps our users create content 2X faster.
  • Content AI will only be launched in Social Planner
    • We have plans to launch to other parts of the product like blogs, funnels, websites, emails later.
  • Why do people need AI Assistance –
    • Generate months of content – Generating good impactful content is one of toughest things in marketing. With AI, it will provide support in generating months worth of content in a few hours.
    • 2X Robot Speed – Create content in less time more effectively and invest your efforts in other campaigns
    • Consistency – With Content AI, you can set your tone of content in relevance to your business or brand.
  • How will you be able to create social posts with Content AI once this feature is live?
    • Step 1: Go to Marketing > Social Planner > New Post
    • Step 2: Choose the option to create a new post with Content AI.
    • Fill in the details, including the post title, post description, keywords, tone of the content, and the number of variations you’d like to generate.
    • Step 3: Once you’ve filled in the form, it will generate variations of suggested prompts. Simply choose the one that best fits your needs and copy the variation content, which will appear on the right side of the editor space.
    • Step 4: If you’re satisfied with the details of your post, click Continue, and you’re done!
    • Step 5: Check the logs of Content AI inside Automations > Content AI
  • Pricing and Re-billing
    • Content AI is CHARGEABLE on a per word basis. (per word includes the input prompt of title, description, keywords plus the variation output)
    • We will have information on pricing available soon.

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