FG Funnels Updates – January 25th, 2023

January 25, 2023
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Hey, there! We’ve got a few FG Funnels updates and enhancements to share from the week of January 20th – 25th, 2023.

Questions about an update or something else in your FG Funnels account? Or have a question you need answered before you sign up for FG Funnels? Reach out to our team at support@fgfunnels.com and we’re happy to help!


Company Object

  • What’s New
    • Bulk Action:
      • The ability to bulk delete companies & disassociate contacts.
      • The maximum numbers of companies which can be deleted at once are 100.
      • View all deleted companies in the audit logs module (Settings -> Audit Logs).
  • Enhancements:
    • Search companies by their email address under the company page.
    • Ability to add new companies from the contact details page.
    • Go to the company tab under the contact details page & search for a company to associate the contact with. If there are no companies present in the system based on search keywords, the user will get an option to add a new company. On adding the company, the contact will automatically get associated with it.


Social Planner

  • Enhancements
    • Now allows users to delete CSV that has been previously uploaded.
    • Now allows users to duplicate/clone posts which are failed or published.


  • Apple Pay and Google Pay using Stripe Connect is now live for order forms and one-click upsells.
    • Ability to allow Apple Pay and Google Pay as payment methods using Stripe on 1-step and 2-step order forms, along with one-click upsells.
    • This change is only applicable for version 2 funnels. If you are using a version 1 funnel, please upgrade it to version 2 (indicated by the purple V2 tag next to the funnel’s name).
    • This is applicable only for Stripe Connect. If you’re using v1 Stripe APIs, please migrate to Stripe Connect to make use of this feature.
    • This will not change the capturing of transactions and orders submitted. All the payments made through Apple Pay or Google Pay will be visible under the Orders and Transactions table.
    • A toggle has been provided on the Stripe Connection card under Payments -> Integrations which will allow you to enable/disable Apple Pay or Google Pay option on order forms.
    • The option to pay via Apple Pay/Google Pay will be available under the Other tab beside the credit card option and PayPal (if connected).

Funnels, Websites, Forms & Surveys

  • Enhancements
    • The self-hosted video element now supports up to 4K resolution
      • Videos will be encoded based on their original quality from now onwards (A video with 720p will be encoded to 720p and 480p only, not to any higher formats)
      • All existing videos should work as expected
    • Added support for custom value: {{contact.id}} in funnels, forms and surveys
      • Previously {{contact.customer_id}} was providing the contactId, from now onwards {{contact.id}} will also be available


Notification Manager

  • Email & SMS channels for the notification preference manager
    • What’s New;
      • Ability to set notification preferences based on different channels.
      • Currently supported channels: In-App, Email & SMS.
      • Ability to select multiple delivery channels for a specific notification type.
      • Type of notifications which now supports all 3 channels; In-App, Email & SMS
    • All new conversations & messages initiated with the account
    • When a conversation gets assigned to me
    • All new messages on a conversation I am assigned to
    • Notify when a task gets assigned to me
    • Task reminder notifications
    • Notify for new reviews received – Facebook
    • Notify for new reviews received – Google
    • Important Notes:
      • SMS notification will be only sent if the location has Twilio setup.
      • An email notification will be only sent if the location/company has email service connected (FGF Mail, Mailgun, etc)
      • the cost of notifications outside of the app (emails and SMS) will be paid for by the account, via the connected email/SMS services.

FGF Notifications

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