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October 12, 2020
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We all know that the customer experience is everything. We strive to mirror our practices after Disney because of this.

Think about it, everything from the magic bands to the rides, to the hotels – the whole experience communicates an incredible, over the top brand.

So, we thought: “how do you do that in a sales funnel?”.

We love Disney World for the customer experience, and we’re going to teach you how to do that by taking you through the five things you need to have in your sales funnel to have a GREAT customer experience!

Make sure you have a way to communicate real-time

Keeping in touch at the time of sale will drastically improve your close rate and help your customers feel good about their purchase! Having a messenger also allows your customers to chat with you during the checkout to ask questions that can help close the sale.

Below are out top messenger picks:

  • Facebook Messenger – Totally free to use and you can set it up to integrate with your check-out page!
  • Drift -Messaging service that also acts as a customer service tool!

Don’t have too many offers

A funnel typically has one first offer then a little extra offer that you can add on at checkout. We call that an order bump, and then once you’ve finished checking out, we give you a chance to do it a one time offer.

If you have too many offers, you can easily exhaust your customer.

1 or 2 offers is fine, but any more than that, and you will put stress on the customer with too many additional options. ????

Sell logically and emotionally

People who are emotional buyers…. they see that outfit on the rack, and they imagine how they’re going to look on a date with their new boyfriend, and then boom, it doesn’t matter how expensive it is. They’re going to buy it.

Now, there’s a whole other part of the population that are more logical buyers.

They’ll see the thing they want, and they know they like it, but then they’ll start thinking, “hmmm, how much is this going to cost? Do I really need this?” They’ll start wondering if they can justify the purchase, and they’ll begin a logical rationalization of whether or not that purchase is good or not.

You want to make sure you include both of these buyer types when creating a sales plan.

Quick Guide:

  • Emotional Buyers – Graphics & Stories
  • Logical Buyers – Stats & Demos

Concierge Onboarding

Here’s what NOT to do: adopt a “money over everything” mentality and forget about your customer as soon as you make the sale. (YIKES)

A great way to provide concierge onboarding is to put yourself in the customer’s shoes consistently. Ask yourself what you’d want post-purchase to feel SO good about your decision.

We recommend:

  • Welcome Video – let your personality shine here. Get excited, get them excited. Help them feel bought in!
  • Email Instructions- set the expectation and paint the picture of what’s to come. This also helps them to have a reference handy if they need purchase or log-in information!
  • Introduction in Facebook Group– shout them out so that everyone can get involved and make them feel super welcome!

User Experience (UX)

Think about the experience on the page. When they land on your site, does it have a ton of annoying pop-ups? Does it have clean lines? Is it easy to read? Is purchasing simple?

User experience, also known as UX, is what your customer experiences when they go to your site. Of course, our goal is to make it easy for them to understand what you’re offering and why (hopefully) they need it. Think of the best ways you can not only attract the customer but close the sale!

PRO TIP: don’t forget that more than 50% of your traffic is going to be on mobile, make sure things look perfect!

If you still have more questions check out our free class: Funnel Beginners!

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