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How to Build a PROFITABLE Sales Funnel

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Don’t waste your time on a sales funnel template that won’t make you money, we are going to show you how to build a profitable sales funnel from the start! There’s a lot more to a sales funnel strategy that you might not see from the outside looking in. Sales funnel marketing is one of […]


Funnel Hacking Gone Wrong (+ Our Official Response to Plagiarism)

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I’m up early on a Sunday morning to write this post because last night at around 11pm, we received notice that—yet again (for the ZILLIONTH time)—we’d been plagiarized.

And if we’re being honest…we have made some pretty serious errors in our handling of this, which is why I think it’s getting more and more out of control with each passing day.

This post is our attempt to correct these mistakes.

First off, we’re in the business of templates and swipes. That means we are GIVING people shortcuts and tools to make their lives easier.

Our templates have copy prompts right on them. Our templates have lots of graphic assets that you’re free to use. Our courses have sales copy helper sheets, offer shots, and more.

And…we see funnels ALL the time that are using them exactly as intended! We think, “Oh hey—I recognize that headline!” or “What a cool way they used Funnel Launch Party design” etc. etc.


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