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❄️Adventures in Marketland [1/18] ❄️

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A short newsletter this week, but still — > the MOST useful email you’ll read all week! We are talking TEXTING as a marketing channel on YouTube today! Please check it out! We announced our keynote presentations yesterday for Marketer’s Heart! Which one are you looking forward to? Julie wrote up her 2021 Income Report + Takeaway a few weeks ago? Did […]


How to Build a PROFITABLE Sales Funnel

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Don’t waste your time on a sales funnel template that won’t make you money, we are going to show you how to build a profitable sales funnel from the start! There’s a lot more to a sales funnel strategy that you might not see from the outside looking in. Sales funnel marketing is one of […]


Funnel Gorgeous Society: What You Need to Know


Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve held a few live info sessions on the new FG Society program that rolled out on June 15th. Due to this being a BETA round, we didn’t do a traditional launch/sales page because we knew we were looking for a super specific audience. (And MAN were we surprised to see that almost 450 people enrolled!)

This post is the written version of our info session (so it’s long). If you prefer to watch the replay, you can do so here!

FG Society is our first ever certification program to create Master Marketers who are a triple threat. This means they are well-versed in:

Offer + Funnel Strategy
Funnel Copy
Funnel Design

We know that this has been the secret sauce behind our success, because these are the same three pieces that create an irresistible funnel!


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